FinOps Like No Other

Unify IT, Finance, and Executives with a Clear, Single Pane of Glass View

Conventional IT tools are designed with a technical user in mind and not always accessible to others. DigitalEx is an intuitive, user-friendly solution that brings IT, Finance, and Executives together. With easy access to the same critical data, reports, and insights, you’ll have a unified approach to managing cloud costs and resources.

Drive Visibility and Alignment Across All Users with DigitalEx.

Why DigitalEx Over Other Cloud FinOps Companies?


Simulate what specific workloads (or all workloads) would cost to run on all other clouds. Give yourself comfort that you're not overspending for your cloud infrastructure.


We charge only 0.5%–1.25% of your cloud spend, compared to our competitors' 2–4%. We commit to those costs for the year - if your spend goes up, your costs stay flat.

Designed for Service Providers and Cloud Resellers

Engineered with a suite of tailor-made functionalities including white labeling, price re-rating, invoicing support, multi-tier architecture, custom reporting, and the ability to directly onboard customers.


Unlimited data, users, and functionality for all accounts.

AI Workload Cost Optimization

Unpack unit economics across LLM workloads.

Private Cloud

We support public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI) and private cloud (VMware and Kubernetes). 

Make every stakeholder a strategic partner in financial optimization.

Experience how our innovative FinOps approach can transform your organization’s visibility and alignment.