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Understand the costs of your hybrid environments, including CapEx and OpEx, in a single, amortized view over time

DigitalEx gives developers and IT leaders have access to the features necessary for efficiently managing both hybrid environments and various accounting models.
Understand where your costs are coming from and alerts all teams

DigitalEx provides an automatic breakdown of costs in one central location.

  • Create custom cost reports, including a top 10 accounts or services.
  • Set up customer cost views by roles such as developers, ITOps, and MSP providers.
  • Generate custom chargeback/showback reports by projects, apps, and business units.

DigitalEx also provides detailed profiling of every active resource, allowing you to see the costs at the resource level and giving you a point-in-time run-rate.

Prevent cost leakage with machine learning-driven recommendations

The platform will automatically profile all services you are using and provide suggestions on how to save up to 30-50% of your AWS or Google bill.

DigitalEx uses machine learning to automatically identify anomalies in cost and resource usage, and provides recommendations for optimization. It provides out-of-the-box recommendations for the following use cases:

  • Orphaned resources
  • Under-utilized resources

DigitalEx offers suggestions for Savings Plans and Reserved Instances, as well as recommendations for configuring individual AWS and Google services.

Bring all enterprise-wide teams and projects under a single cloud governance structure

Collaborate with your team across different business units and IT departments, and set up an enterprise organization hierarchy for AWS, Azure, and Google.

DigitalEx is designed to work for both individual developers and entire teams or enterprise business units. As cloud spending becomes decentralized across business units, DigitalEx allows you to bring all spending under one governance and compliance system. Invite your team members, business units, CXO, and CFO to collaborate by sharing cost reports, analyzing data, and receiving alerts.

DigitalEx can handle complex organizational setups and will automatically profile your AWS member accounts when connected, showing you costs accordingly. Whether you have one AWS account or 100+ or multiple cloud provider accounts or services, DigitalEx can manage it all.

Provides machine-learning-powered forecasting to predict and plan costs

DigitalEx generates cost forecasts for each of your cost reports, allowing you to project your monthly spend. The forecast includes total costs and costs for each individual AWS service.

In addition, DigitalEx also allows you to profile each workload and estimate the capacity of all infrastructure resources to optimize application performance, reliability, and availability.

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