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Organizations with a "cloud first" strategy rely on DigitalEx for comprehensive visibility, control, and cost optimization across all of their infrastructure expenses, including IaaS and private cloud resources. Our advanced machine learning technology helps them minimize costs and maintain low expenses.
Case Study

Xpressdocs is a 200 person Dallas-based company, specializing in brand management and marketing automation solutions for businesses. They offer a variety of tools and resources designed to cater to enterprise marketing needs. As cloud technology has increasingly become an integral part of the company, the Technology leadership was seeking improved transparency in resource allocation and cost management related to their technology infrastructure.

Xpressdocs' infrastructure is divided between a colocation data center (70%) and cloud services like AWS and Azure (30%). To effectively manage their infrastructure, the company required a solution that enables comprehensive visibility into both costs and resources across their entire technology ecosystem.

1. Cost Savings on Single Cloud – AWS

To address this issue, Xpressdocs turned to DigitalEx to gain visibility into their AWS account. By using DigitalEx's capabilities to track spend, view the cost of individual resources, manage budgets, and receive alerts, etc., Xpressdocs was able to reduce costs by 20% by purchasing AWS Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and taking actions on optimization recommendations. Additionally, DigitalEx's security and compliance framework helped improve Xpressdocs' overall security posture.

2. Cost Savings Across Multi-Cloud – AWS and Azure

Building on the success of the pilot program with AWS, the Xpressdocs team decided to onboard their Azure account. DigitalEx was able to incorporate the Azure account while maintaining the same easy visibility into resource and cost utilization through a single pane of glass, allowing for monitoring of costs and resources across multiple cloud accounts. This increased the value of the DigitalEx platform tremendously. Xpressdocs can now efficiently detect unexpected spikes in cloud expenses across any cloud account, as well as identify when a database port is unintentionally exposed to the public internet, contributing to cost optimization and enhanced security.

3. Hybrid Cloud – AWS, Azure, and On-prem

Xpressdocs then took the next step by starting a pilot with their on-prem infrastructure. DigitalEx's virtual appliance provides an agent-less approach to private cloud FinOps. It discovers resources and meters usage to find opportunities for optimization. It also allows customers to put cost models in place, converting CapEx to OpEx, and to see an overall cluster or datacenter view for aggregate utilization and waste. This pilot is going well, and Xpressdocs is gaining new insights into their on-prem infrastructure.

With DigitalEx, Xpressdocs achieved cost savings across multiple clouds and improved their overall cost visibility. The company was able to optimize its AWS and Azure resources and gain new insights into its on-prem infrastructure. As a result, Xpressdocs is able to better manage its cloud costs and improve its overall security posture.

- DigitalEx Team -

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