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Organizations with a "cloud first" strategy rely on DigitalEx for comprehensive visibility, control, and cost optimization of all their infrastructure expenses, including IaaS and private cloud resources. Our advanced machine learning technology helps them minimize costs and maintain low expenses.
Case Studies

XpressDocs, a Marketing Technology firm based in Dallas, Texas, experienced significant growth and faced rising costs across all of their infrastructure expenses, mainly AWS, Azure, and locally managed private cloud assets. DigitalEx provided them with visibility into these costs and identified unused resources that could be eliminated, resulting in a 20% reduction of their IaaS spend almost immediately. With the expectation of similar savings, XpressDocs plans to apply DigitalEx to their private cloud assets next.


Andromeda360, a cloud native SaaS company based in Austin, Texas, recently secured venture funding and is experiencing rapid growth. As with many SaaS companies, Andromeda closely manages their gross margins and the largest cost that negatively impacts them is their IaaS spend. To optimize this spend and maintain or grow their gross margins as they scale, Andromeda is using DigitalEx. Additionally, they want to understand their relative cost efficiency across their multi-cloud environment, so they can move workloads to the most cost-effective platform.

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