About us

DigitalEx is a cutting-edge AI-driven hybrid cloud cost management solutions startup, specializing in delivering innovative solutions that enable businesses to monitor, analyze, and optimize their cloud costs and usage. By providing real-time visibility and control over cloud spend through state-of-the-art technology and services, DigitalEx helps businesses improve operational efficiency, accelerate growth, and achieve their digital transformation objectives.
Meet our Team
Sundeep Goel
Proven sales executive across a variety of enterprise software domains. Helped lead seven early stage technology companies to scale thru $24B+ of liquidity events. Believes that business success starts and ends with great people and a great culture – products, customers, and revenue follow!
Safi Siddiqui
Founder & CTO
15 years in technology and a decade in cloud innovation. Has developed and delivered exceptional cloud products for both startups and IBM. A passionate proponent of collective effort, Safi recognizes that uniting people and fostering cohesive teamwork leads to the creation of extraordinary products.
Darmawan Suwirya
Founder & VP of Engineering
Seasoned, skilled and passionate technologist with over 20 years of extensive exposures and proven track record of excellence across vast range of business and technology domains. Has previously worked with top-tier companies such as AWS, IBM and Gemalto, spearheading various innovative products.
Meet our Investors
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