Real Time Hybrid and Multi-Cloud FinOps Control Plane

Understand Your Hybrid-Cloud Costs in a Single, Normalized OpEx View

Utilize a hybrid control plane that spans across multiple environments such as AWS, Azure, Google, and on-premises to gain a unified view of your Kubernetes and cloud resources.
Significantly reduce your cloud infrastructure costs in just a few minutes with DigitalEx
Continuously optimize your cloud infrastructure to drive down costs by up to 50%. Identify and remediate cost leakage by shutting services off, using excessing capacity first, or by optimizing your hyperscaler reserved instances and savings plans.
Supported cloud and on-premises infrastructure platforms

Amazon Web Services


Google Cloud Platform



Here’s how DigitalEx hybrid control plane works

Connect your AWS, Azure, Google and on-premise VMware ESXi and Redhat OpenShift infrastructure within minutes

Choose from a variety of automation options to onboard your cloud accounts and resources:

  • AWS: manual, CloudFormation script
  • GCP: manual, CloudShell script
  • Azure: manual, CloudShell script

Our partners can also connect your on-premise environments to the DigitalEx control plane in a matter of days, using our quick-start automation framework.

Observe and monitor your cloud cost behavior

Monitor your cloud cost behavior and identify trends to understand the reasons behind cost escalation. Correlate workload costs with the internal usage patterns of your infrastructure.

Automatically assign cost allocation to ITOps, DevOps, and application teams, giving you a clear understanding of how your costs are being incurred.

Observe and control your private cloud costs

Track and manage your costs for each individual application, across clouds and on-premise environments. With multi-cloud and hybrid applications, it can be difficult to track and manage the numerous resources, many of which are unallocated and lack ownership.

DigitalEx hybrid control plane offers a comprehensive solution to continuously organize, view, and manage capacity across clusters, cloud infrastructure, cloud services, and on-premise environments, making it easy to structure and manage these resources.

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