Optimize Hybrid Cloud Costs In One Streamlined Expense Dashboard

Cut your cloud costs by 10–25% with our hybrid control plane, offering a single view across public and private clouds, complete with tailored recommendations and optimizations.

Dive deeper into your cloud potential with DigitalEx.

Optimize cloud costs in DigitalEx's easy to use dashboard.

Understand Your Hybrid Cloud Costs in a Single, Normalized OpEx View

Gain a unified view of your cloud resources across AWS, Azure, Google, VMware On-Prem, and Oracle Cloud with a versatile hybrid control plane.

Explore how our unified OpEx view can transform the cloud strategy of service providers and enterprises.

Core Features

From cost analysis to AI-driven cloud cost optimization, transform your cloud management across all environments in one unified platform.


Continuously monitor cross cloud unit economics.

Cost Optimization

Find orphaned resources, under-utilized resources, and other cost-saving opportunities.

Automated Remediation

Automate cost optimization actions.

Cost Allocation

Automatically assign allocations to ITOps, DevOps, and application teams.

Budgeting & Alerting

Track performance against budgets set at whatever granularity desired.

ML Forecasting

Including cost forecasts covering per service and total costs.

ML Anomaly Detection

Use machine learning to identify anomalies in cost and resource usage.

Simple Access

Custom Dashboard

API Access

Alert & Reporting

Optimize & Save

Rightsize Resources

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